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Introduction to Self-Publishing

with Aislinn Kearns 

There are a few tricks to self-publishing successfully and a lot of traps that will slow you down. After writing the best book you can, mostly it’s a combination of luck, a great cover, even better reviews and an advertising schedule and budget, but without understanding how it all works, how will you know if you’re on track?

If you’re struggling with the concept of self-publishing and the actual steps it takes to get your book or your story to a market online or in print, or you’ve loaded your book to a platform but you still aren’t really sure what to do next or how to maximise sales then this workshop is for you.

Whatever your journey is, it starts here. Join successful self-published author Aislinn Kearns as she explains the differences between being ‘wide’ or the perks of exclusively publishing with Kindle Unlimited. Learn more about marketing strategies and market research, cover designers and the importance of a good edit. 

Participants will:

  • Understand what self-publishing is and how to do it
  • Understand what Kindle Unlimited is and whether it is the right choice for your book
  • Be able to research the market and use that knowledge to decide what to write and how to position the book (writing to market concept)
  • How to find a cover designer and editor that works for you, and understand the process of working with them
  • Implement marketing strategies to get your book noticed.

(This is not a step-by-step tutorial on how to load your story to a platform.)

Aislinn Kearns is a successful self-published author of more than 12 novels, and multiple novellas and short stories. She writes across multiple romance sub-genres, most particularly in romantic suspense and contemporary romance. Her book, Undercover Fighter, won the prestigious 2019 Romantic Book of the Year award (RUBY) from the Romance Writers of Australia in the Romantic Suspense category. She has also done workshops and talks on numerous topics, including self-publishing and increasing daily word counts and productivity for writers, and has her own YouTube channel. Her hobbies include reading, puzzles, and dreaming of a cabin in a snowy locale, complete with roaring fire.

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—Online workshops are easy to access! You will need an internet connection and (ideally) a device with a camera – computers/laptops or even phones can be used to dial in. You will be sent a link to join a few days before the workshop. The link will take you to a private digital meeting where you can join the session. You can test the link at any time to ensure you can log in. Please respect the other participants in your workshop and mute your microphone at all times while the presenter is presenting. Background noise in houses such as TVs, pets and children can affect the sound quality. Screen fatigue is taxing on our eyes and brains so our workshops are now presented in maximum durations of 1.5 hours at a time.

—If you wish to register more than one participant into a workshop, you must do this one-by-one. We will need an email address for each participant to receive the online invitation in order to join.

—If you would like to use a workshop credit to book in, please contact info@writerssa.org.au at least five working days before the workshop commencement date. Our staff don’t work full time and we don’t want you to miss out!

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Event starts
Saturday 26 September, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 26 September, 2020

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