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Inside the Publisher | Hachette Australia's Guide to Publishing

Considering a career in publishing? You’ve probably heard people talking about publishing before – perhaps your favourite author has mentioned their publisher, or maybe you’ve noticed a publisher’s name or logo on the spine of a book. But what is publishing, and what do publishers actually do?

Join the Hachette Australia Team as they answer those questions and equip you with everything you need to know about working in publishing: how to get in, what it’s like, what job roles are available and how you can have a rewarding career in the world of books – whatever your skills or background.

The Q&A is hosted by panelists Louise Sherwin-Stark (CEO) and Brigid Mullane (Managing Editor).

Find out more about our Summer Internship and Guide to Publishing here: https://www.hachette.com.au/careers/

Event starts
Tuesday 15 September, 2020
Event ends
Thursday 15 October, 2020

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