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The Resilient Writer

Running online, 12PM – 4PM, Friday 29 January. Book here.

Sometimes as a writer you get stuck. Or you can’t start. To continue writing all writers must have resilience to deal with the obstacles that get in the way, particularly those that come from our own minds. This course will explore our sense of what being a writer can be, and ways to prime the pump of our creativity. Taking mindfulness exercises as practised by Thich Nhat Hanh and adapted by Maxine Hong Kingston and Deena Metzger for writing, the course will explore the self in relation to one’s writing and creativity.This workshop will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.You will learn:

  • mindfulness practices such as walking meditation

  • exploring your personal story as a writer

  • how to counter your inner critic

  • how to tap into inspiration like through automatic writing

  • how to engage in self reflective writing practice

Hoa Pham is a psychologist and author. She has had seven fiction books published and one play. “Wave” has been translated into Vietnamese. “The Other Shore” won the Viva La Novella Prize. You can find more information at www.hoapham.net.

Event starts
Friday 29 January, 2021
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Friday 29 January, 2021
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Melbourne , Online

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