Bachelor of Arts (Content Creation)


About the Course

The Bachelor of Arts (Content Creation) is perfect for students who want to be content designers and creators for the media, arts, music, fashion and other creative industries. You will be taught and mentored by industry experts who are currently working as content producers, online media producers, media project managers and digital executives.

You will undertake fundamental units in content strategy, web design, videography, graphic design, photography and copywriting, alongside subjects in brand strategy and user experience. Students will work with real clients in a studio environment to develop industry relationships and their own portfolio of work.

Students will graduate with a well-rounded understanding of the content creation and marketing industries in Australia and overseas.

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Career Outcomes

If you dream of a career as an Interactive Media Manager, Videographer, Online Publisher, Media Producer, Social Media Manager, Content Marketer or Digital Project Manager, this course is for you.

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