Call for Contributors

In 2020, we are looking for contributions to the following themed editions:

[Open now] Edition 42: No Theme

If your work can be shared online, we will work to find a platform for it. Without limiting your ideas, we welcome you to consider: 

  • Art that endures. Story making and creating that brings beauty, succour, challenge, intent, consciousness and grace. As always, we are passionate about Asian Australian arts and culture and your work should have relevance to our communities, but don’t be limited by what has come before. These are uncharted waters: dive in.
  • Collaborative work. Now is a time to reach out and co-create. We welcome artist-artist collaborations and beyond. Perhaps there is someone else out there: friend, family, familiar stranger whose story is waiting to be intertwined with yours. Pitch us – we’re friendly! We can remunerate all parties based in Australia for tax purposes. If you’re based internationally, please get in touch to discuss.
  • Long-form essays and reflections that contextualise the current crisis within a broader historical, social or political understanding. We are not a news organisation, but this is a time for holding artistic and critical mirrors to the world around us. 

For this open issue we are offering:  

  • $200 for poetry, visual art, fiction, non-fiction, essays and political opinion
  • $300 for extended essays, and long-form prose over 2000 words

Please send your submissions to and include in the subject line whether your contribution best fits the category: Poetry; Prose; Visual art; Politics/Opinion.

Submissions for this edition will remain open until 15 September.

Please consider our contribution guidelines:

  • We accept contributions of art works, prose, poetry, non-fiction, essays, blog posts with a word limit guide of 1000 words (where applicable), a relationship to issues of Asian Australian interest, and a connection to the issue theme.
  • We consider previously unpublished, original work, however, simultaneous submissions are acceptable. We ask only that you notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • We welcome submissions in creative and new media interpretations of “literature”, including video, audio and text format, graphic stories, sound or visual art, as long as it can be presented online and has a relationship to story.
  • You don’t have to identify as Asian-Australian to contribute, but your contribution should be of Asian-Australian interest. Check out our back editions to see what we publish.
  • Our editions are themed and you are welcome to include a short (100 -200 word) artist statement, which may outline the work’s relationship to that theme.

Please note we are currently only able to pay Australian contributors for themed editions due to our funding arrangements. International contributors are welcome to email us to discuss. We look to pay our contributors equally, depending on the number of successful submissions. Our average payment rates are between $50-150.

To stay in touch around contribution dates, please connect with us on Facebook or Twitter so that we can let you know of any upcoming writing opportunities. We also welcome suggestions for edition themes or articles because we think you’ve got great ideas.


Tuesday 12 May, 2020
Tuesday 15 September, 2020

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