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NSW Writers Centre

The Guts and Glory of Indie Comics

Learn or expand your understanding of making and reading indie and alternative comics. We’ll start by discussing and deconstructing particularly innovative works. Using techniques gleaned from each example, we’ll engage in creative exercises that generate various types of imagery and stories. We also discuss methods of dynamic storytelling, matching images and words, pacing, and drawing technique. Exercises will aim to generate and refine ideas, teach self-editing, and include various kinds of drawing and group collaborations, culminating in the creation of a short comic.

This workshop will counter preconceptions about comics being confined to certain genres, and will encourage participants to understand and experiment with different ways to tell visual narratives. There are incredible things happening in the burgeoning genre of indie comics and, over the past ten years, comics have been recognized internationally through book awards, design and art awards, and high school and university curriculum as a singular form of literature. Overall, this workshop will encourage creators (writers, artists, cartoonists) to roll up their sleeves and dig into the inner workings of comics.


Event starts
Saturday 5 August, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 5 August, 2017
NSW Writers' Centre
Venue Address
Callan Park, Lilyfield

Sydney, Sydney

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