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Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing)

Queensland University of Technology

About the Course

Writers are in demand across a number of fields. The publishing and screen industries, advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers, the online world, the public service and large corporations all require specialist writers with a flair for language.

More than 10 000 new books are published in Australia every year, and more local authors than ever are having success with their work in digital media and more traditional formats. If you can channel your creativity into words, you are in a unique position in today’s media-rich world.

This course will provide you with opportunities to work intensively on your writing in a number of forms and genres including traditional forms like novels and short stories, creative non-fiction, youth writing, media writing and poetry as well as in emerging and digital forms. It will give you skills in reading like a writer, in analysing texts in critical and nuanced ways. In addition, it will help you build specialist writing skills for professional applications such as corporate writing, persuasive writing, editing and scriptwriting. With the right grade point average, you can work on a sustained project for a full 18 months in our unique advanced practice minor, as well as opt to take work placements and internships within the local industry.

Why choose this course?

QUT offers the largest and most comprehensive undergraduate writing course in South-East Queensland with the broadest range of units on offer. There is also a strong honours and postgraduate program. You will graduate with advanced writing and communication competence—a rare skill keenly sought by employers.

You will be taught by highly experienced published authors, experts in professional writing and distinguished scholars in the fields of creative writing and literary studies. Visits from other writers, editors and publishers will further help you gain a unique perspective on writing as a vocation and as a critical and creative practice. Writers, editors and publishers regularly provide guest lectures and have residencies in the faculty for the benefit of students.

Career outcomes

Graduates can work as creative or professional writers and editors in corporate, community and freelance capacities. Opportunities exist as fiction writers, corporate writers, scriptwriters, reviewers, travel writers, feature writers, editors, journalists, publishers, media workers and teachers.

Pathways exist to prepare you for further study including honours, research or creative practice and analysis.


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