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Write Out Loud

JUTE Theatre Company

About the Course

New online course unleashes the writer in all of us

Cairns, Queensland: Today JUTE Theatre Company launches Write Out Loud, with award winning playwright Kathryn Ash. Write Out Loud is a new online course designed to guide writers through the challenges of getting a story out of their head and onto paper.

“Everyone has a story in them. The challenge is to get started. Write big ideas and write a lot. That is what Write Out Loud is all about” says Kathryn Ash.

Created by JUTE Theatre Company and lead by Kathryn Ash, Write Out Loud is a self-paced online creative writing journey. Membership will give participants access to nine inspiring modules that take you on a journey to unlock your creativity through storytelling.

Write Out Loud participants learn how to truly tell the story burning inside of them by following Kathryn’s expert tips, tools and guidance. Some of the key exercises include:

  • Grasp the “Big Idea”. In this exercise participants learn to look at the bigger picture, and relate the hero to the main concept in the story.
  • Idea Springboarding. This exercise is used to pin board all ideas to visualise the world of your story.
  • “Memorable hero” and “Ultimate Villain”. These exercises encourage participants to experiment with their characters and follow procedures to think deeper.
  • Let’s Make a Scene! Follow the tips and tricks to write your first scene and discover what the audience will learn from your story.

Collaborate and share your creative sparks with an exclusive online community. Kathryn Ash will be leading intensive writing residencies where participants can come together and share their story.

Write Out Loud is online at

About the program facilitator: Kathryn Ash is an award winning playwright, actor, dramaturg and co-founder of JUTE Theatre Company in Cairns. She has written over twenty works and has had sixteen professional seasons of her plays.


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