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Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism

James Cook University

About the Course

Career opportunities
You will be highly skilled to work across all media platforms in a range of careers including:

Copy editor
Communication officer
Electronic media producer
Web development manager
Information officer
Campaign manager
Public relations practitioner

Course highlights
This course is run by journalism academics and local industry professionals - learn about the responsibilities and roles of journalism in society, using real-world scenarios. You will use the latest multimedia technology to help you gather stories on the move and contribute articles to our own online news platform. On completion of your course you will have a portfolio of work which will help you prepare for employment in the media industry.

Course overview
The Bachelor of Arts with a major in MultimediaJournalism gives you the skills and knowledgeneeded to survive in today’s evolvingnewsrooms. You will learn how to:

Deliver convergent news stories
Produce award-winning photographs, radiodocumentaries and video journalism stories
Write copy for print, broadcast andonline media
Produce a variety of stories, covering nationalissues to local community events
Understand the basics of web design,graphic design, sound and music, andother online content.
Joint degree options

Joint degrees give students expertise in a complementary discipline in reduced time and can enhance career prospects. At JCU the Bachelor of Arts degree can be combined as a joint degree in:

Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Science

How to apply
Check the QTAC information and apply by clicking on the relevant link below depending on where you wish to study.

Take note of the QTAC code for this course in the location you've chosen because you'll need to enter it as part of your QTAC application.

Townsville (311031) - Apply now

Core subjects

The Bachelor of Arts has four core subjects. The first three core subjects are:

Time Truth & the Human Condition
Our Space: Networks, Narrative & the Making of Place
Australian People: An Introduction to the Social Sciences
All these are Level 1 (first year) core subjects dealing with human understanding of time and space, history, and culture.

The final core subject is 'Arts Edge', a Level 3 (third year) subject designed to have you reflect on knowledge and skills developed during your Bachelor of Arts course, and integrate these into contemporary formats ready for the global workplace.


Half of your BA will be the study of one major area. You can also study a second major, which can be an area from another College. You can view the subjects for each major by clicking the links below:

Environmental Studies
Human Services
Indigenous Australian Studies
Media and Writing
Modern Languages
Multimedia Journalism
Politics and International Relations
The Asian Century.

There is also space in your BA to take elective subjects. These may be subjects related to your major or majors, or they may simply be subjects of interest to you. Elective subjects can be chosen from any College.

Pathway into course
On successful completion of the Diploma of Higher Education you may be eligible to continue into this degree, and you may be able to receive some credit for successfully completed subjects.


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