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Writing a Novel: Stage 1

Faber Writing Academy

About the Course

with Toni Jordan and Paddy O'Reilly + guests, including leading industry agents/publishers

Write your novel, and write it well.

For aspiring novelists ready to leap in, this course will guide you through the process of planning and beginning your novel, creating new scenes, playing with ideas, finding a voice and establishing a writing practice. Using a combination of targeted writing exercises, group discussion and carefully selected examples, the focus of this course will be on your own writing, with the aim of ending the course with a substantial body of new writing, heading towards a first draft of your novel.

  • Benefit from the structure of regular classes covering everything from the first conception of an idea through to getting words on a page, narrative structure and style.
  • Learn from our experienced Course Directors, as well as guest tutors including top authors, and agents/publishers.
  • Receive personalised, one-to-one attention on your project from your tutor.
  • Get it done. When undertaken with Writing a Novel: Stage 2, this is a flexible alternative to a creative writing MA, designed for people who might be considering a career and who are prepared to engage fully in the hard work involved. Apart from the workshops, you will be devoting as much time as possible between classes to writing.
  • Receive invaluable feedback by having the chance to present your work to your class of other committed novelists.
  • tart your career. There is no better way to get on the road to publication than to meet the people who know how to make that happen.

Praise for Writing a Novel

'Every week I learnt new tools which I could use straight away. It helped me at a macro and micro level. The teaching style made me want to write more and gave me confidence in my own writing. The course exceeded my expectations.' - Rob, Melbourne, 2016

'What the course has managed is to get me to stop worrying about writing a novel and to just start getting something - anything - down... Toni and Paddy have helped me to understand is that all this is fine and natural and a necessary stage to go through. They've given me the push I needed to get started and they've managed to make me believe that I will get this novel written.' - Michelle Wright, Melbourne, 2015Read more from Michelle on our blog

'Excellent. 10 out of 10… It was a privilege and a pleasure.' - Stephen, Melbourne, 2014

'Getting constant feedback from industry experts was extremely helpful... I learned a lot that I can apply to my own work both now and in the future... More than returned the money I paid for this course.' - James, Melbourne, 2013

'It helped me focus on my writing more effectively and to consider the technical aspects of what I was doing.' - Steph, Melbourne, 2012


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