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Preparing, Pitching, Publishing and promoting your Writing

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How do you edit your own story? When should you show it to people? Who can you rely on to help you? Do you need an agent, and if so, how do you convince one to take on your story? This course will teach you everything you need to know about preparing, pitching, publishing and promoting your writing.

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About your tutor:
Chris Andrews began his writing career when he boldly blundered into a story idea he thought was a novel, only to discover that producing a compelling story wasn't as easy as it looked. In pursuit of his dreams he studied professional writing at the University of Canberra, joined the ACT Writers Centre, wrote short stories for print and online publications, and edited the CSFG's second short story collection, Machinations: An Anthology of Ingenious Designs.

His first novel was shortlisted in both the QWC/Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program and the HarperCollins Varuna Award for Manuscript Development, and will soon be published by an Australian publisher. Chris currently works as a freelance manuscript editor and writing coach.


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