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Character Crafting - a crash course

CIT Solutions

About the Course

Creating a convincing character can be a daunting task for a novice writer, in this hands on and active course you will craft a believable character that you can use in any story you may write. Stepping into their skin and becoming them. Together as a class we will explore what makes them who they are and how they will react to a changing situation.

Over the six sessions you will explore the psyche of your characters learning different ways to connect with their personality and recognise the distinct voice they all have. Then translate it directly into a scenario to build on all aspects of their world. 

Session 1 - finding your character 
Session 2 - what is their voice
Session 3 - how would they react
Session 4 - how would they react 2
Session 5 - what world do they live in
Session 6 - what is their story

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About your tutor:
Luca graduated from University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Writing majoring in creative writing. He has recently completed his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at CIT Solutions. He spends much of his spare time refining and re-editing his own stories. He found a passion for characters whilst working through his novella and has been exploring the masks worn in public that dictate character.


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