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Girls on Film: Write Women Who Rock

AFTRS-Australian Film Television and Radio School (AH Account)

About the Course

An inspiring, two day screenwriting intensive workshop.

Are you frustrated by the limited vision of women you see in the cinema but not sure how to change it? Would you like to write exciting, entertaining films about women - but keep getting stuck on page 20?

Are you receiving critical notes about the female characters in your male-orientated script and not sure how to address them? Are you struggling to create a thrilling ending to your female driven script?

Fear not! This workshop will take you on an entertaining journey through mainstream and art house cinema, illuminating some of the common problems in structure, concept and delivery of women’s stories on screen - and show you how to fix them - so that your female driven film connects with its audience.

Suitable for writers at all levels of experience, this workshop will show you how to:

  • Create fresh, thrilling female roles
  • Craft intriguing and exciting forward momentum in your female-driven narrative
  • Create a wholly engaging, earned transformation at the climax of the story
  • Address the thorny issue of ‘likeability’
  • Game-change your male-orientated script by refreshing your female characters
  • Take your female protagonist story to the widest possible audience?

Whether your dream project is an action adventure vehicle for Angelina Jolie, the next Bridesmaids or an intimate ensemble drama to be shot on a shoe-string budget - Girls On Film will equip you with the tools to take your idea or script to the next level.

Through lectures, exercises and tutorials, traversing all genres and drawing on films from popular and beloved female protagonist films (Beaches, The Piano, Erin Brockovich), to male protagonist films (Heat, Gladiator, Skyfall), to the work of female auteurs (Andrea Arnold, Jane Campion), writers will be guided through a series of exercises towards uncovering the story they really want to tell, and leave invigorated and emboldened to write it!

About the tutor:

Jessica Redenbach is an award-winning writer/director, AFI-nominated producer and an accomplished long form screenwriter (Spirited, Rush). She lectures in screenwriting at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) and is a highly regarded freelance development writer, having worked in development for many of Australia’s leading production companies.

Student feedback:
'Really interesting perspective. Extremely inspiring, both course and teacher. I believe this will change my life. Literally. Thank you Jessica!'

'Excellent! Highly recommended!'

'This course was both creative/inspiring & practical, I really enjoyed it and it was really thought provoking.'

'Jess was lovely, insightful, tolerant, funny and very approachable.'


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